12.2.12 Ali Moore 0 Comments

Just like fur, I prefer faux winter over real winter.  You get the same effect, but nobody gets hurt.

Although if I'm being completely honest, it did feel nice to wake up today, feel how cold it was when Franklin went out and use it as an excuse to decide I wasn't doing anything.  Also a bit disheartening because the to-do list is five miles long and our baby clock keeps ticking faster and faster towards May, but I did enjoy my cozy winter day inside.  

Sad I skipped out of prenatal yoga, sad I had to postpone a family photo shoot, but glad to have the time to myself.

And Pat.

Whom we SAW move a few days ago.

There's no chance of making out extremities at this point, but it was almost like a bubble popping out of my belly over and over again.  
Such a little miracle!


We had company this weekend.  Halley was so nice to come visit us and help me wipe down the inside of the nursery dresser drawers.  
And encourage me to do a bit of shopping.  

What?  Shopping during no-spend month?  

Andrew forgot three days in on Friday to take his lunch (his normal eat out day with his work buddies) and was forced to eat out during work.  Hahahahaha.  I'm $50 richer and then some as K-State can't seem to pull it together to win a game which means Andrew slips a few (quite a few) off-limit words at a $1 a pop.

February is turning out to be a very lucrative month for me.

I definitely thought I would be the one to slip and prepared for this month by buying things during January instead.  
Like our  new rug for the family room.
A Crate and Barrel find.  

The 8x10 is such a better fit, and I love, love LOVE the grey and white stripes.  
(Especially with the horse chair gone and my new Ikea curtains hemmed and hung.)

Imagine that.

Husband-accepted, Franklin-approved.

Apparently, Franklin also approves baby book tips.

We watched Happiest Baby on the Block today.  It's a book, but you can also find the DVD from your local library, which was amazing because I do not have time to add any more baby books to my nightstand reading list.  I will struggle to get through the four I have now!  (Baby Wise - done; What to Expect When You're Expecting - almost done.)  Plus, this way Andrew could learn too since he doesn't know how to read...I mean doesn't like to.  

I wish I would have recorded the commentary coming from Andrew about the 5 S's.  OMG.

We tried them out though on Franklin, and guess what - they worked!

Swaddled, side position and shhhssss and we didn't even need the other two S's.