2.2.12 Ali Moore 5 Comments

The bean's room is looking like, well, a nursery.

A real one.

I ordered our chair and ottoman from NFM after we did some post-Thanksgiving browsing in the kiddos section.  I actually didn't order it until after the holidays via phone and made a last minute change on the style so it was a relief to get it delivered on Tuesday and know I made the right decision.  Especially since it was a special order and can't be returned.  Yikes.

Both the chair and ottoman rock, and sometimes I just like to go in and sit and think about the precious little person about to change our world.  
I can't wait.

We pulled the rug I purchased last year from Urban Outfitters into the baby's room.  Not what I originally planned when I bought the rug, but after we found out we were pregnant it just made more sense.  It's a better size for this little room, and I already got a replacement for the family room.  
More on that later.

And how amazing are the curtains!?  

I had seen so many great chunky striped curtains on Pinterest, but just could not find them anywhere.  Or even fabric.  And then I remembered Emily and Adam had a chunky striped duvet from West Elm.  I thought maybe they also sold matching curtains, but no such luck.

At least on that.

I did get lucky in that my mom and I did some creative thinking and decided the duvet could actually be turned into panel curtains.  It was just the right size.  And my mom is just the best and surprised me by getting them done and shipped way before I thought she would have time to.  


They are totally making the room right now.

Handy Andy has been slaving away on the dresser.  I am making slooow progress on the mobile.

Promise to have more updates this weekend!  


  1. The room looks awesome. i LOVE the curtains!!

  2. This looks sooooo good Ali!! I love it and that chair looks super comfortable!!!!!!

  3. It looks so good, Ali! Your little one is so lucky to have you as his/her mama :)

  4. SO pretty! Just love that wall & the curtains are awesome. Can't wait to see the mobile!! Baby Moore is lucky to have such talented parents and grandparents!!

  5. Looks awesome! Have you seen the "Not a Peep" crib bedding at Land of Nod? It would look SO good in this nursery! (Yep, I like looking at baby bedding. It's addictive) :)