A Dresser and a Lesson

6.2.12 Ali Moore 1 Comments

The last piece of the puzzle is in place.

As far as furniture goes.

Handy Andy has really outdone himself with this room!  
He is soo good to me.  And Pat.

I found this beat up clunker of a dresser on Craig's List.  

Andrew was not interested.  Especially when we had to make two trips across town to pick it up.

But, I LOVED the shape and the lines and thought it would make a great dresser/changing table for the little one.  Well, sometimes, I am right.

(And sometimes, Andrew is creepy.)

The original plan was to kind of grey/white wash the wood once Andrew had everything sanded down.  But, the stain I had picked up looked terrible on our first run.  There was almost no color, and regardless of the number of coats, we never would have gotten the coverage we were after.

Instead, Andrew ended up having a stain specially made that acts more like a paint, meaning it covers much better right off the bat.  But, unlike paint, it still leaves the wood grain showing through which was very important since Andrew spent hours sanding everything down to the bone.

One coat of stain and three coats (with light sanding in between each) of polyacrylic later, we have one glossy, beautiful grey dresser.


Your father spent a lot of time refinishing this dresser for you.  So, if you're a boy, please don't ram your toy cars and trucks all over it.  And, if you're a girl, don't you dare spill finger nail polish remover on it.  (From experience, he will not be happy.)

Consider this Life Lesson #1.
There will be many more.  

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