21.2.12 Ali Moore 2 Comments

How many weeks ago did I pin mobile inspiration ideas for Baby M?

Too many.

I went and bought the supplies and then just got cold feet.  I wasn't for sure exactly how to start.  I knew I wanted different shapes of things that were meaningful to Andrew and I, but that was about it.

Originally I started out with three designs.  A chunky M, a profile of a dog and a Powercat.  Well, the dog and Powercat were a beast to cut out.  I only got a couple strands worth of dogs and Powercats cut and strung before Franklin found my stash one night, grabbed them off the table and bent some, chewed some, slobbered on others and then it was settled.

I wasn't loving them as a group anyways.  Thank you, Franklin, for making that decision easy.

Glad I spent all that time cutting those out.

But, in the end, Ms were the only way to go.  It was meant to be.  

It's a little dream-catcher-esque.  That wasn't my original intention, but I think it's just perfect.  It can catch all the sweet dreams of Baby M.

From Pat's view, it's pretty dreamy.

So the morale of the story is, sometimes procrastination is worth it.



  1. Looks awesome!! But can I get an "whole room" shot with the mobile!!?! I saw these on your pinterest board, it turned out SO good

  2. Love the mobile and you look so cute :) Cannot believe there are only a few more weeks to go!!!! SO exciting!! :)