Fit for a King (or Queen)

22.1.12 Ali Moore 3 Comments

Since I'm no longer working at home, it seemed like the obvious choice to turn our office into Baby M's room.  I loved my Olive Sawdust walls, but it was time for a change.  Plus, we only have three bedrooms in our house.  
It made zero sense to keep an entire room as an office with a little one on the way.

A few weeks ago, Andrew painted the walls our selected greige color.  Just three of them though as I had different plans for the fourth wall.  We really should have waited to put up the crib until after the painting and construction was finished, but I have a bad case of the nesties.  Two weeks ago I got impatient, and we put up the crib I ordered online from  

(I really did help with this, but someone has to take pictures too!)  

This is actually the second time we put the crib together since the first time we put it up in the living room and then couldn't get it through the bedroom doorway.  Oops.  Guess that is what the first child is for - learning from mistakes.  Sorry Pat.

A week goes by and then Andrew regains motivation to tackle the north wall.  I really, REALLY wanted to add grid wainscotting and crown molding to the baby's room so after a bit of convincing to the one who would be doing the work, some sketched out plans, and the first of many trips to Lowe's, things started to take shape.

From what I saw, Andrew started by putting up a very thin backerboard (kind of like plywood, but thinner) to give his 1x4's even more to grip into when he used his new bradnailer to secure them.  Then there was just a ton of measuring and cuts made with the miter saw out in our garage/workshop.  Instead of just using the 1x4's though to create the grid, he also cut very small coved molding to line the insides of each square so the drop off from the 1x4 to the wall would be more gradual.  This took a lot of time and patience, but it makes SUCH a difference.  

I helped fill the nail holes with wood putty, and then Handy Andy primed the wall and painted with our go-to trim color, Cream Delight from Valspar.  

Reinforcements came in on Friday to help install the crown molding (Andrew's dad) and after many delays, final touch-ups on the paint and a good clean-up, the room looks AMAZING! 

I love the subtle difference between the grey and white walls.  I love how dressed up the room is with the new detailed wall and crown.  Andrew did such a great job.  I am so proud of him.  As is the babe.

I am so in love with this space already.  And it will just get better!  Andrew has started working on refinishing our Craig's List dresser/changing table, the chair and ottoman should arrive in a couple of weeks, my mom is plugging away on the curtains, and I have started brainstorming art ideas.

Lots to do...four months to get it done in!


  1. UM... I LOVE THIS!! That wall is amazing... as is your handy man! Props to daddy Andrew!

  2. Ali this looks sooooo good!! Andrew - you did a great job!! I love it!! This is one lucky baby :)