22 Weeks

18.1.12 Ali Moore 0 Comments

Pat is growing.
Which means the belly is growing.

Whoops.  Wrong belly.
Everyone wanted in on picture action this past Sunday.


And there she is...the bump in all her glory.

Or he.  Time will tell.

I tried to go buy maternity clothes last week, but I walked into the store and just got depressed.  Everything seemed ugly.  
I know it's not, I just don't think I was ready.  

I am going to have to be ready soon though as it's only a (short) matter of time before my clothes don't fit.  I've made it this far with just a belly band purchase, and that has been such a wardrobe saver.  And, I love my belly and disappearing button.  I just haven't embraced the maternity section yet.  I think this is influenced somewhat by the fact that I hate buying clothes this time of year anyways.  I'm pale, and I never really love winter clothes.  So, instead I've been buying accessories.

And lip gloss.

I have never worn color on my lips.  Ever.  

Andrew asked me if I was going to wear lipstick every day now.  
At least that's what he said out loud, but his real question was, why are you wearing that stuff; it's weird.

I'm still getting used to it myself, but lately I'm loving bright red and pink lips.  And stripes.  

And oranges.  And Hildebrand milk.  And dessert.  
And that it's supposed to be 60 on Sunday.

And that we're (Handy Andy) making progress on the babe's room.  And that the babe gave out high-fives on Monday night.  Andrew finally got to feel the baby move!  Oh, it was so special.  

We were watching Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (haha), and the baby was going crazy.  She (it must be a she...she was loving the show) had a party for about an hour.  

Love her.  Or him.