Twenty Weeks

3.1.12 Ali Moore 5 Comments

I wonder if when I'm huge I will regret starting these bump pics...

Sometimes Andrew doesn't think I'm doing the bump justice.  He also likes to direct photo shoots so these pictures give him a good opportunity to tell me how to show it at its best angle.  I guess this time I wasn't pushing it out I could even suck it in at this point.  

So this is what he really thinks it looks like.

It's definitely there.  And we are officially past the halfway point!  


1. Everything is measuring great, looking great, feeling great.  Great!  Let's hope these last 19 and a half weeks go as smoothly as the first 20 and a half.
2. The crib arrived today.  I can't wait to see it set up.  Andrew however can wait to assemble it.  He needs a buddy for all of these projects.  
3. I had a dream last night that I had the baby, but I couldn't remember anything about the delivery.  And the baby that everyone was telling me was ours didn't look like our baby.  It had very deep brown eyes, and I kept saying they were pretty, but the baby couldn't be ours as we can only have blue eyed babies.  (True - it's science.)  I was certain the baby they were trying to pass off as ours was a boy, but they said it was a girl.  This is the second dream I've had where the baby is a girl...
4. On top of having weird dreams, I also cry at everything.  Remember that day I left Franklin out in the rain all day during my first day at my new job?  SOBBED for a good 30 minutes when I got home.  It was a good ugly cry where I kept repeating, "you're okay, you're okay."  To the dog, not to myself.  Yikes.  I cried twice while watching Casper during Halloween.  I cried during the Boys & Girls Club Christmas Party for the kids when Santa showed up.  That was awkward.  I cry reading mommy blogs like every day.  I cried at the last K-State football game.  I have a feeling there will be many, many more sentences that start with "I cried..." during the next few months.
5.  I was so bloated after dinner last night I swore my belly button was going to pop out.  I could feel it stretching.  I'm not ready for that.  Also, if hearing about bloating makes you uncomfortable you should probably stop reading this blog as it's bound to get worse before things get better.
And 6.  Andrew has started calling the baby Pat.  Works for a boy or a girl.  Awesome.

Our poor, poor child.  

This is what you're coming into.  

You've been warned.


  1. I am happy to help with any projects.


  2. You will *never* regret those baby bump photos. :) And if it makes you feel any better, I remember crying at Jif peanut butter commercials. ("I'm going to be a choosy mother!! Waaahhhh!") Randy and I still laugh about that whenever we see one.

  3. :) We called David "Pat" until we knew he was a David... I'd always tell people, "you know, Pat, like from Saturday Night Live?"

    By the way - you look great!

  4. Lookin' good mama! I hate to say it, but your belly button will never be the same again:(. At least that's what I hear. I was scared about it too, and by the end of my pregnancy, it was non existent. Still not back to normal:( However, being a mommy is the best thing EVER!!

  5. Ali you look great! Such a cute pregnant woman :)