7.11.11 Ali Moore 1 Comments

Well, I survived my first day of work.  It was fine.

The rest of my life?  Shambles.

I decided to leave Franklin outside since when I watched the weather half-awake this morning I swore they said it would rain tonight/tomorrow.

It rained all day.

Like a monsoon.

I was so sad about my poor pup.  I just kept picturing him plastered to the back door crying because no one was home to let him in.

When I finally got home today, he was barking and wet.  

He is staying inside tomorrow.  And probably everyday forever and ever.

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  1. 2 words.... DOGGIE DOOR.
    Do it. Its amazing and even though it isn't ideal to put a hole in your house somewhere, you never have to worry about him. And Tyson is SO much happier when we leave him during the day now. :)