Real Housewives of Wichita

3.1.12 Ali Moore 0 Comments

I had the most relaxing Christmas break.  I had big intentions of accomplishing big things since I haven't been at work since Thursday, December 22nd, like organizing our new guest bed/office combo, dusting the blinds (because let's be honest - that was on the list of to do's before we hosted Thanksgiving and that didn't happen), updating my website, etc.


What really happened was I slept in till 9:30 every morning, with Franklin cuddled up to me on the bed.  Fed him, fed myself, took us both for a walk, showered and then got ready for my (half) day.

I did get caught up on laundry, cleaning and email.  I cooked homemade meals.  Andrew and I toured three daycares.  I updated my website.
I semi-organized the guest bed/office.  I took down and put away the Christmas decor.

My blinds have still not been dusted.

But, I was feeling decent about my semi-accomplishments, as I strolled into work this morning thinking my time off hadn't been a total waste.  Then my boss told me we don't have to actually be back at work until tomorrow.  Oh.

Well, I'm housewifing it up again.

First I took a nap though.  

Then I ate lunch, made a homemade chocolate cake, cleaned the house, got caught up on laundry and am starting dinner in a bit.

I'm still not going to dust the blinds.