Our First Guests

18.8.09 Ali Moore 0 Comments

Cody and Lilly were our first house guests this past weekend. Andrew was so glad to have his friends visiting. The boys got to our house on Friday evening and because Andrew is on second shift the three of us went to see The Goods. Good movie - surprise appearance by Will Ferrell = really funny one-liners. I think I'd recommend it as a good renter. It's not as funny as The Hangover, but still very funny.

We grilled Saturday evening at our place, and the boys played washers. Franklin is a big fan of the game himself. His favorite part is running between the two boards and shoving his nose in the board holes. :)

Anyways - dinner was so yummy, a la steaks grilled by Andrew. He's such a manly man. Grill - check. Beer - check. Beef - check. Fire - check. Man - check.

He's especially manly because the steak is farm-fresh from Moore farm cow #7. #7 was a rebellious cow that always escaped its fenced-in pastures. So, now she is occasionally our dinner. Thank you #7.

Franklin goes to the vet this Thursday for his second round of shots. Andrew is the lucky one who gets to take him. They are the boys of the house and like to stick together so it should be a fun adventure.

We are finishing up painting a few rooms this week - so far the grand total is formal living room, office, master bedroom, master bathroom and hallway. We definitely need to paint the hall bath and guest bedroom...just not sure what colors yet. Stay tuned.