A Day in the Life of Franklin

5.8.09 Ali Moore 2 Comments

I promise that this blog will not be entirely about Franklin. However, he is the most entertaining thing happening to Andrew and I right now, plus he's brand new so we need to give him some blog time.

Franklin is beginning to sleep a little better at night. I think we only got up five times last night. And by we, I mean Franklin and I. Andrew takes the last potty trip when he's about to get up for work and then keeps him busy while I sleep just a bit longer. We have cut him off from his food and water around 9pm hoping to lessen his potty trips at night. It helped a little last night.

Franklin is dealing with his life as a flea bag. We're giving him a bath every night in order to drown his itchy friends, and it seems to be helping a bit. Hooray! He may look miserable during his baths, but he's always so fluffy and frisky afterwards.

OKAY - literally as I am typing this, I just squished a flea running across my arm. It will be awesome when Franklin turns eight weeks old next week and we can get him hooked up with flea-repellent. :)

Franklin is also having tummy issues today, and I'm not sure why because we only give him his dog food, no people food. Anyways, this morning he took off sprinting down the hall which means he is about to do his business in the house, so I ran after him. He squatted and started pooping right in front of me. I said NO! and picked him up. I was trying to run to the front door to get him outside, but he kept pooping and pooped all the way down the hall. By this point, I am screaming and he's very shook up by the ordeal. He slept/hid under the couch the rest of the morning and part of the afternoon.

It's Wednesday, so that means it's mowing day. Andrew and our old man neighbor Bill are on the same mowing schedule. Bill is a great neighbor so far, but if you see him outside you better be ready to listen to him for a long, LONG time...he's a talker.


  1. Alison, I think you could easily write your own version of "Marley and Me", very funny stories!

  2. Ali- OMG.... I about died laughing when I read the poop story...very entertaining HAHA