Being a Puppy Parent is Tough

7.8.09 Ali Moore 0 Comments

Andrew and I had a big scare with Franklin yesterday.

On Wednesday morning, Franklin ate a big breakfast and was acting pretty normal. He slept a lot during the day paired with intermittent periods of trying to eat my fingers and toes. Of course, you already heard about his potty experience down the hallway, which I thought was a one time thing. However, Franklin continued to have diarrhea. When he woke up on Thursday he didn't eat much and throughout the day finally refused to even drink any water. He was soo lethargic and started to freak me out. I tracked down a vet that said we could come in for a 3:20 appointment that afternoon. They said not to take diarrhea from puppies lightly - it could mean parvo. So, I look up parvo and start getting upset because parvo is serious! Puppies can die from it. Franklin just looked more and more miserable and his pooping sprees became more and more frequent so finally at 2:30 I took him to the vet even though we were super early.

Long story short - he doesn't have parvo, but he may have some bacteria virus in his tummy making him not feel well. And, I found a great vet close to our new house. They were really great with him and explained things very thoroughly. They had to give him some fluids under his skin because he was so dehydrated. He was not a fan. I could hear him squealing in the back of their office. However, do not feel too bad for him because he came back with cheese whiz all over his mouth. They gave him a good treat for being such a trooper.

He is perking up today and starting to play although we're still having a few potty issues. Hopefully he'll keep getting progressively better throughout the weekend!

We are off to Hiawatha for the wedding of Kindra and Griff this weekend - an event we have all been waiting for a long time. I hope their wedding pictures turn out this good. Just kidding - they will be beautiful! :)

I'm very excited to see everyone from back home. And, Hiawatha weddings are always very fun. Andrew and I are pet sitting for Noel, Hillary and Quinn as they have a wedding to attend in Kansas City. We have to keep Franklin away from their two dogs, Isabelle and Cooper, just in case they would happen to catch something from him. Highly unlikely because their immune systems are much stronger, but better safe than sorry.

I will have pics to post when we return from all of the festivities!