The Joys of Owning a Home

26.8.09 Ali Moore 1 Comments

Buying your first house is awesome, but you soon realize there is always something to do and you are NEVER done with maintenance/up-keep/etc., especially right when you move in. There is so much to make the house your own. More on that in a bit...

This past weekend I went to Kansas City for Vanessa and Chris' wedding shower. Which was soo fun, PS. They are such a great, happy couple! Vanessa's bridesmaids threw the shower and set up this great game of Newlyweds. There were four couples participating - Vanessa and Chris, The Calcara's, The Gowers and The Carters. The Gowers' won in sudden death - props as I think they have been married for almost 40 years - AWESOME!

Anyways, I bought a new desk from Nebraska Furniture Mart...

(Thanks, Sarah, for helping me pick it out! Notice Franklin being so calm and nice underneath my chair.)

...and had a great trip and thought all of these home-improvement projects were going to be complete when I got home because Andrew's dad came to visit and help out. Well, they got one project done. My expectations were wrong, but that's okay - now Andrew and I have lots to do this weekend!

They did get a new garage/backyard door put in. Looks good. :)

A necessary replacement even though I would have much rather spent this money on more curtains for the house...or throw pillows...or rugs. Anyways.

And, Andrew and I were going to finish up painting our hallway. Well, when we finally got the second coat on around the trim, we let it dry and then took off the tape. And, part of our walls! I don't know if it's because the tape had been on for several weeks (yes, we just got to it even though we taped before we moved in!) or if our walls are just old or both.

(Not sure why the color is so weird in this picture...the color of the walls is shown better in the pic below.)

Anyways, now I have spackled (I think that's the right term?), and we have to sand and paint again.

When will we be done? Hopefully this weekend. I am making a big list of honey-do items. I will help, too. I'm a good assistant. :)


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  1. Oh my goodness- I love how you came to KC thinking all these things were going to be completed at your house to come home to just one- because we have found out there is always something that you run into!! I love this post :) It will get better!! But I LOVE the pics of your house! Can't wait to see it.