Better start sometime...

3.8.09 Ali Moore 0 Comments

I've become a blog-follower addict, checking in on all of my friends' blogs daily. Why not start my own? Surely someone wants to know what Andrew and I are up to.

Speaking of which...we finally got our puppy last Thursday! Many of you know I have been waiting to get a dog for a long time. New house = new puppy so welcome to the family, Franklin. He will be seven weeks old this Thursday so he's still just a baby. He is really stinking cute right now.

I have learned several things since we brought Franklin home:
1) We are not ready to have children.
2) Getting up throughout the night 5+ times is not fun. Tiny dog = tiny bladder.
3) Being responsible for something besides yourself is stressful.
4) Andrew needs to get a stronger stomach, i.e. Franklin had a messy accident on the floor this morning, and as I had gotten up with him all night, it was Andrew's turn to take care of things. He told me several times he just could not clean up the poop, while consistently gagging and almost throwing up. For several minutes.

On a side note, I've discovered Franklin has fleas and we can't give him anything until he is at least eight weeks old. Fleas have the equivalence of lice in my mind so now I constantly feel bugs crawling on me and itch all the time, whether these feelings or real or not.

The house is really starting to come least the rooms we have furniture for. I will post pictures soon!