Making a House a Home

12.8.09 Ali Moore 0 Comments

Andrew and I are back from Hiawatha and had a great, but exhausting weekend. We got to show off Franklin and attended a great wedding! Congrats and best wishes to Kindra and Griff who are currently in St. Lucia on their honeymoon. Makes me excited for Andrew and I's one year anniversary trip - coming up in less than one month. Dominican Republic here we come!

"Us eight girls" were in full force at the wedding. We managed to snag a couple of pictures together. And, it seems maybe we should have been us nine girls that night. Who's this sassy lady?

So fun catching up with Nancy, Katie's mom. She was a big part of our lives growing up. Love her!

Andrew and I are busy this week trying to get our house in order. I'm finally making decisions on where to hang pictures (although I'm still undecided on a few). And, we have to get our guest bedroom in order because we're going to have our first house guests this weekend - Mr. Aaron Lilly and Mr. Cody Allen. Should be fun. I see lots of grilling and beer in our future. :) Nebraska Furniture Mart is delivering our new bed, and I need to go pick out a mattress ASAP. We still have quite a bit of furniture to buy...right now we're planning on purchasing a brown leather couch, chair and ottoman for our family room, Andrew is dying to get a man chair, AKA recliner - bleh, I need a new desk for the office and we need a few end tables, etc. It takes time to make a house a home, and I'm sticking to my mantra and only buying things I love.

Franklin is doing lots, lots better. He woke up on Sunday morning as a brand new puppy. I'm convinced he was sick when we got him. He never had this much energy before. And, we have definitely lessened our trips out to potty at night. Hallelujah. He is also now wearing his big boy collar.

He threw himself on the ground after I put it on...he still hasn't gotten used to it and scratches at his neck all the time. And, he's sleeping in his very own kennel now! He's doing soo well - I think he likes being nice and cozy. We got him a metal crate that you can make smaller with a removable divider which has worked great so far. No accidents, and he likes being able to see out. Now he has his very own home. :)

Hope everyone is having a great week! Only two more days until the weekend!