Frank the Tank

26.8.09 Ali Moore 0 Comments

Franklin is such a happy dog. And, spoiled. Since I'm at home working all day, he's almost never in his kennel. Usually he is well-behaved and sleeps a lot since he's growing. But, sometimes he gets these crazy spurts of energy, and all he wants to do is attack my feet. So, I'm trying to control these spaz moments by frequent walks throughout the day - once in the morning before work, once over lunch and once after Daddy gets home. Yes, Daddy. Andrew started calling us Mommy and Daddy when we got Franklin. Creepy, but now I'm used to it.

Anyways, these walks would be great, except for Franko doesn't like to walk because he's a weird one. We're usually pretty good at evening walks because Andrew walks Franklin, and I walk in front of them enticing Franklin to keep moving because I am so fun and he wants to hang out with me.

The other strange thing about walking with Franklin is that he doesn't walk in front of you like normal dogs...he walks behind me. Exhibit A:

This is one of the rare moments Franklin was actually walking yesterday and not sitting in the middle of the road during our mid-day stroll.

I hope we get better soon! He is part of my workout plan and one full trip around the block isn't cutting it.