2016 Season Opener

20.9.16 Ali Moore 0 Comments

Last Friday I kept the kids up past naptime until Andrew could make it home a bit early so we could drive to Manhattan and stroll through Purple Power Play, stay the night with my parents, and then head to the Bill on Saturday morning for the annual family reunion...with 50,000 of our kin.  Ha.

But seriously, we look forward to football season so much every year, and try to include our kids whenever we can.  Or feel up to it.  Or Andrew agrees to it.  Sometimes it's the first scenario, many times it's the second or third.  Because having a baby strapped to you with your four-year-old lying on you while the middle naps away on your husband under the blazing hot late summer sun is exactly how football was meant to be watched!  Go Cats!   

So maybe June won't make it to another game this year.  
But we can say we took all three to at least one this season and lived to tell the tale.

June did her best to spend the least amount of time with us as possible as she thought everyone else's tailgates looked better than ours.  Rude.  Nelle tried her hardest to keep baby sis in line, but soon got distracted by wide-stance leg dancing with a bit of parking lot twirling, except for when she and Henry tried to play catch with a mini football and caught it approximately two times between the two of them out of 100 throws.

I just cannot for the life of me figure out why I was utterly exhausted at halftime.

I love that this crew is growing up with these traditions and it just makes me so happy when they see the stadium and their eyes light up.
Worth it, worth it.  Exhausting, but worth it.

Looking forward to another season, more tailgates, and time with this crew of Wildcats.

ps, for fun - 2015 season opener (OMGeeeee! Teeny tiny newborn June!), 2014 season opener (baaaby Nelle and chubby toddler Ham, 2013 season here and here (preggo with Nelle) , 2012 season (Ham's first game!)