So Long Summer

13.9.13 Ali Moore 0 Comments

Within the last week and a half or so, we've been to Manhattan twice, I've gotten through an onslaught of shoots and edits, and held a garage sale with a friend that included two babies - one that didn't want to be put down with strangers swarming the driveway,
and another that tried to eat chalk while running into the street.

I'll let you guess which was mine.

All this to say, I meant to blog last week and wrote several posts in my head, but never actually put the "pen to paper." 
(Or strokes to the keyboard?  What's the modern phrase for that expression now?)

Even though at times summer can be more than unforgiving, with it's oppressive, sweltering heat, it's my favorite season.  I'm a sucker for summer love (Andrew and I started dating in the summer ELEVEN years ago), Henry and I decided to go steady with the pool this year going on dates multiple times a week, family time seems more generous, and there are so many excuses to eat delicious grilled food and endless amounts of ice cream.  Particularly when you are pregnant.  And maybe I'm referring to the two ice cream Snickers bars I had a couple of nights ago.  I'm not ashamed.
 I'm having a hard time letting go of summer, even more so than usual.  (Surely the 100+ degree weather we've still had doesn't have a thing to do with it, and even though we promised to try the long distance thing with the pool, it sure seems like a long time until next May.  Or the fact that sooner than we realize, we'll have two babies to feed, diaper, bathe, clothe, etc., and we'll probably just recede to our house never to leave again.  Eek!)

So long tan lines and pruny toes.  I'll miss you so.