Seasonal PDA

25.9.13 Ali Moore 1 Comments

We've been blessed with weather lately that makes you want to open-mouth kiss Mother Nature.  It's that gorgeous.  
And it's making me accept that fall is here.  Which means #2 isn't far behind.  12-ish weeks to be exact.
 Photobombing at its finest.

(And I have to share when I was at the doctor last week, I read an article that casually hints at 7-months pregnant surely you should be busy finishing up the nursery and recommends that now is the time to take some time for yourself and for your marriage.  I snorted.  And then made sure to put the heat on Andrew when I got home.  
Magazine writer - give us a break.  We haven't even started on that dang room yet.

Scratch accepting fall. 

I want to plant a big one on fall too.  
(Yikes - who do I want to kiss next?)

 While Andrew was gone this past weekend at a hometown wedding, Henry and I worked, recuperated from traveling the past three weekends and being sick, and went on as many park dates as possible.  And maybe on Sonic dates too as Cherry Cokes are my jam these days.  
(I know, I know - caffeine.  Just a smidge here and there.)  

It was one of those weekends where the crisp mornings paired with the sunny, warm afternoons reminded me of what's to come - orchard trips, tailgates and football games where we don't start sweating the second we set foot on the asphalt lot, the pumpkin patch, fall-scented candles, cozy meals, babies in homemade costumes and daddies trying to scare six-year-olds trick-or-treating, chili and crock pot soups, more baking 
(it's for the baby),  jumping in leaf piles, boots for me and moccasins for Ham, fall foliage, fire pit nights, pumpkin carving.

Looking over our calendar this week and planning our dates with fall.  Maybe we'll get to first base.

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  1. Love love love these pictures - you are gorgeous! Cannot believe it's only 12 weeks away!!! Can't wait to meet this baby!!!!