Our Apple

2.10.13 Ali Moore 0 Comments

It was a party hardy weekend.  As much as you can party hardy when you're seven months pregnant.
We had two back-to-back birthday parties on Saturday, and at times I felt like I took the same date to both.  
 He went to get dressed and told me he was wearing new pieces from his fall collection.  
And then he came out wearing the same clothes he's had for years with tennis shoes instead of his new purple and white gingham shirt and boat shoes.  Huh.

During Angela's surprise grown up, classy wine tasting surprise party, 
Andrew's "friends" dared him to drink a glass of discarded wine that had two live flies floating in it.  So he did.  For $20.  

Oh, and he took some pictures too.  Man of many talents.

I feel like this is the point in parenthood when you ask your child if his friends were all jumping off a cliff, would he do it too and try to explain the importance of being your own person and not falling into peer pressure.  Except Andrew would have drank the flies anyways because he thinks it's funny so the conversation would go nowhere.

So someone else is going to have to give that talk when Henry and #2 are older.

 Andrew enjoyed a safe ride home with his pregnant wife, and he jumped out, and Henry and I dashed off to Finley's first birthday party 
where I proceeded to find four Starbursts in Ham's mouth (one-by-one) with the wrappers still on.  
Later, he monopolized the pink lemonade stand and zested lemons with his teeth.  

You know when people say, "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree."?
Our apple fell off the tree and then magnetized back as close to the trunk as possible.