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11.10.13 Ali Moore 1 Comments

30 weeks, two days pregnant and alternating between getting really excited and getting really close to sobbing, 
"but, how are am I going to do this with two babies at once?"

I've had it in my mind for some time now to get Henry a baby doll we could practice on to make the idea of the baby coming more tangible.  
Henry doesn't understand that there is a baby in mama's tummy.  He just discovered belly buttons.  (And they are very funny to him.)

Thank goodness for our neighbor's garage sale specials because yesterday we scored three vintage books for #2's bookshelves and a $1 baby for Henry.

Nevermind the first full blown tantrum that occured while we were at this garage sale 
because I wouldn't let him bang a small vintage wooden chair on the driveway anymore.  
{I know you don't feel well because you still have your double ear infection and we're on a second round of meds, I know you are tired because you woke up at 5:45am (thus so did I), and I know you don't know how to express yourself yet.  But, please, please, please quit hitting me and pulling my hair.  Hormones, being tired and frustrated got the better of me yesterday, and I just had to cry when we got home.}

Of course as I'm sad and feeling lost about how to help Henry learn to grow past this phase and repeating, "this too shall pass" over and over to myself, he's talking softly and quietly to his new baby (girl at this point because she has a sewn-on headband), kisses her and holds her nice.  
Only for a bit, but rest assured, he's getting it.  As much as his little 16-month old head can process.

And I just love him.

I love them.
 Also, my name is Alison Moore, and I have a stripe problem.

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  1. Thinking about you friend!!!! I love that Henry loves his little doll and you know he will love his baby brother/sister. :) Mama is never an easy role and mama to two I'm sure will not be easy - but so, so worth it!!!! Love you guys!