The Patch 2013

19.10.13 Ali Moore 1 Comments

Going to the pumpkin patch is one of my favorite days of the year.  

It ranks up there with Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, the first tailgate of the season, birthdays, etc.  It's the combination of the reminder that Halloween is right around the corner (a holiday I feel like I finally get since having Henry to dress up in costume), the crisp air, the warm sunshine, spending time with friends and babies, the 30-minute drive into the country, the views, and this year, knowing Henry was going to love seeing all the pumpkins.

Because pumpkin is one of his favorite words right now.  And I should have counted how many times he said "pump-pump" today because surely we'd have been well into the 100s.  That and "track-er" for tractor because what other words need to be in a boy's vocabulary in October? 

It's the anticipation of family time and the fun we're going to have together, and seeing what a different experience it is this year having a running toddler vs a barely sitting five-month old.  It starts at the beginning of football season as we drive by week after week on our way to and from Manhattan.  We notice the changes Walter's has made to the property.  We search for the growing pumpkins from the view from our windows.  
And Andrew starts gushing about the pumpkin hurling canon.  And gushing.  And gushing.
 Andrew is 100% confident that #2 is a girl so he felt he needed to spend some time with the ladies of the group.

It's the feeling of being a child.  Relishing in what's right in front of you, right then.  
Thinking everything you see was put there just for you.  It's there for the taking; it's there for you to enjoy.  

It's not so different when you grow up; I just lose sight.  

This family; this life.  I'm so happy it's mine.

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  1. Gorgeous pictures, gorgeous family! Love you guys :)