Sign of the Times

16.9.13 Ali Moore 2 Comments

All of a sudden last week I realized, we're almost to the third trimester of this pregnancy.

How did that happen?

And how does it happen all at once?

Both Andrew and I forgetting our five-year anniversary.  Shame!

Realizing I've got to break down and get some fall maternity clothes.  I thought I was pulling off the shorts I was wearing last week with a belly band until I looked in the mirror after wearing them all day and realizing you could totally see the unzipped zipper.  Below the belly band.  Clearly.

Anticipating of what's to come since #2's room has been cleared out, now needs to be cleaned out, and then we can start priming, painting and decorating.  So, so excited about pulling this together.  Not sure when it will happen between the nine weekend trips we have to Manhattan this fall, 
but somehow things always get done.  Or at least done enough.

Someone better get started on all of that.



  1. Gorgeous mama!!! Love that pic of you, baby #2 and Henry!!

  2. Is there such thing as maternity modeling? If so, you need to do it ASAP!

    I can't wait to see what you do with #2's room!! PS: Is it just me, or do you think of Gold Member every time you say #2? ;)