Eight Years In

16.9.16 Ali Moore 0 Comments

On Tuesday Andrew and I celebrated our eighth anniversary!  And celebrated is used loosely here because I'm not sure how else to write about it.  We actually went out on Friday night last week to officially celebrate it, so on Tuesday we acknowledged it??  

Andrew worked, and we made dinner at home like most/all Tuesdays, but then after we all went for a little drive so I could location scout for a couple of upcoming shoots.  

June's teething in a major way right now (that happens when you only have two teeth through the first 13 months of your life...eventually they do all have to come in, and the time is nowwww), so she and Andrew ended up staying in the car, and the bigs and I high-stepped it through some pretty tall grass into a field of wild sunflowers.  

We stayed for maybe only 10 minutes after getting in some test shots, while Henry and Nelle twirled, picked flowers, and flew like airplanes through the open field.

I love this time of year because the sunflowers always remind me of the time of our wedding.  The wild ones pop up a week or two before and linger for about the same amount of time after, just like they did the year we were married.

We let the bigs stay up past bedtime to have s'mores with us in the backyard by the fire pit, listened to Pat Green, and it wasn't lost on me that this typical, normal Tuesday night in September although ordinary was also extraordinary in many ways too.

Life could not be more different for us compared to when a 22 and 23-year-old got married and decided to make a life together.  And I love that we choose to show up every day to keep making it better and better.  We do the day-to-day, the routines, the mundane, and then somewhere along the way, we realize the every day is the good stuff.  I mean, I love a good date night, but give me Tuesday night over and over again.  Hand-holding in the car, country music around a fire, tucking babies into beds, talking about our days, and falling asleep by the one I said I do to eight years ago.

Because if this is what eight years in looks like, I can't wait to see what's yet to be.

The best is yet to be.