Ham's Garden Party

4.6.14 Ali Moore 0 Comments

Another year older, another year wiser.

Must be Henry and not me because as much as I said I was just going to throw him a pool party this year, 
I couldn't resist the urge to launch myself into a big shebang...theme, homemade food, DIY party favors.

You know the drill.
The one where the night before I'm questioning how I could have done this to myself again.

Because I not-so-secretly love it.

I love the planning and discussing and invite-making and invite-mailing and RSVPs.  
The menu-curating and signature drink deciding and baking and decorating and fruit & herb infused water crafting.

And the fun had by all of these littles who we love so much.

Especially this stinker on his big day, refusing to wear his suspenders I bought for him just for the occasion.  
Until I bribed him with exactly two chocolate chips.  

And this is what I got.  

Maybe I should have given him four.