Hap-pah Birday

30.5.14 Ali Moore 0 Comments

You are two.
Your dad and I can hardly believe it.  Which is probably while we had a big sappy meltdown about it after you went to bed on Wednesday night, your birthday.  Well, disbelief paired with you picking Love You Forever for us to read to you while we snuggled in your bed with you during storytime like we do every night.  Of all the books on your shelves, you usually pick Demolition or Little Blue Truck, but of course you had to pick 
the most likely book to produce tears on the most bittersweet day for us.  
It is the most incredible joy watching you grow and learn from your curious nature.  It is also so hard to watch because it just happens so. fast.  I know one day much too soon, I will wake up and instead of you yelling "mommeeeeeeee" from your room, I will be yelling "Henry!!" from the kitchen, 
trying to wake you up instead.  And I might just do it at 6:30am for a little bit of payback.  On a Saturday. 

Henry, you are the most vivacious wild thing, with no fear, selective hearing, an infections smile, the world's best giggle, piercing blue eyes, 
and you look like an angel while you sleep.  
And sometimes that saves you after you've run me to the ground all day.  Literally.

I snuck an extra long sneak at you on Tuesday night after we put you to bed, your last night of being one, and thought, "how can we be here already?  
at two-years old?"  It can't be possible, and yet it is and better than we could have ever imagined. 
Hap-pah Birday Heh-Heh!
We can't wait to celebrate you this weekend.