20.5.14 Ali Moore 0 Comments

 Some of my favorites from this past weekend.

Nelle's high pitched squeals she's sharing with us more and more frequently.

Henry making the raunchiest, juiciest toot noises on Nelle's belly trying to get her to laugh.
Nelle's gummy grin full of sweet potatoes or peas while she navigates this new skill of eating solid food.

 And finally, I bought granola bars at the store last week.  We haven't had them for quite some time so Henry has been eating them like they are the best thing on Earth, requesting them for every snack time...and then asking for a second (or even third!) as soon as he has inhaled the first.

They're an easy snack, especially if we are on the go, but the best part about them is that he calls them bung.

I have no idea why he hears bung when we say granola bar (maybe hearing the g from the first word, but combining it with bar?), but it makes me giggle inside each time he says it.  Normally he's a good eater - snacks, meals, whatever - but for some reason on Sunday night he wanted a snack before bed.  

What do you want for your snack, Henry?

What are you eating Henry?

What is this Henry?

Andrew and I were laying in bed with him ready for story time while he enjoyed his bung, and we could not quit asking him to say it.

Bung.  Bung.  Bung.

Pretty soon we were all three belly laughing, tears streaming down my face, because he just kept saying bung, 
Andrew and I couldn't stop laughing, and neither could Henry, but he was just laughing because he knew he was being funny.  

That's the thing about this one, he's a ham.  He's wild and full of life and lives it big. 

He is going to be slamming beer cans against his head in college based on the way he acts now.

Which means we have some work to do with Nelle.  A lot of work actually.  
Because she laughs every time we take her shirt off.