out takes

11.5.14 Ali Moore 0 Comments

Is it too much to ask to get one photo of two under two together?  


Unless you are more stubborn than they are.
And your husband...
who after two shots is throwing his hands in the air saying with a little too much exasperation, "this just isn't working."

Four separate shooting occasions, spanning over two days, with a little bribery and crazy antics from behind the camera,
and the out takes are almost as good as the one shot I wanted.  

Ham's in...sitting and smiling!  Quick, add in Nelle.

 Yep, exactly what I was wanting.

 The next morning, all by myself.  What was I thinking?  Total zoo.

Later that afternoon...still alone...
There is no one else in the room.  Why are you both looking opposite directions AND NOT AT ME??

The best part about this section of my Mother's Day shoot "tries" is that they are both doing the same thing in most of these photos.  Little turkeys.
H was fixated on ramming his head into Nelle's.  This boy!



Head ram.

quit. head. ramming. your. sister.

One last head ram in the morning for good measure.

My last effort later that afternoon after naps...let's start with a head ram!
"Henry, if you do that again I'll tell dada when he gets home."

 Half way there.  
(I'm yelling K-STATE and WILLIE!!!!!  I would smile too.)

Other half way there.

Why am I doing this to myself?

Because of this.

Head ramming.  She learned from the best.

Over it.

 Dirty clothes on the bed.

Nelle's spitting up. 


Clearly done.

Sister takes her job seriously.

Just let it go, Nelle.

So proud of themselves...thinking they've won. 

But really it's me who's won.