green acres

27.5.14 Ali Moore 1 Comments

From this little boy's point of view, green acres is the place to be.
Land spreading out so far and wide...
go ahead and just give him that countryside.
And we can do just that...
for weekends here and there.
 Because after that, I wouldn't have enough stain remover to clean his clothes; the mud caked onto his city slicker Sperry's would be too thick to peel.
And we'd risk having Franklin shock himself in the electric fence - again.
 Plus, I only have one "farming" outfit for Nelle...but she sure was the cutest farmer I've ever seen in polka dot jeggings and floral headband.

The chores.

Fresh air.
Darlings, I love you and am so glad your daddy can share this with you.

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  1. I love this! We were in Iowa this weekend saying we wish my grandparents still loved on their farm because Charlie would LOVE it! Nelle and Henry are just adorable!