victory lap

6.6.14 Ali Moore 2 Comments

Fridays seem like such a victory most weeks, and today is no exception.  

There have been moments of total defeat, moments of lost patience, too many times of counting to three, too many timeouts, too many cries, 
early bedtimes, moments of counting to 10 and taking a deep breath, moments of embarrassment, moments of wondering what am I even doing, moments of humbleness, moments of disbelief, moments of shame, moments of insecurity.

But then there's forgiveness, inspiration, thankfulness, hope, grace, determination, faith, love, camaraderie, beauty.  
And the greatest of these is love.
And these two sure teach me love in a way I sure didn't know I needed to learn.   
RSVPing YES to our Friday party of an afternoon trip to the pool after naps, a family walk this evening and vowing to focus on love this weekend.


  1. Amen! Happy weekend, Moores :)

  2. You are the BEST mama. Love you and your littles! They are lucky to have your love :)