And He's Off

18.6.14 Ali Moore 0 Comments

Henry just hopped in the car with Poppa and Gram to make their way back to Manhattan for a couple of days.  Oh my, he was so happy.  Riding in Poppa's car, with Poppa, to Poppa's house.  Could it get any better?  I'm not sure, although I am worried about who he is going to pretend call on the phone if Poppa is standing right there as I've caught him at least three times in the last couple of days holding my phone up to his ear and 
giving Poppa an earful.  

He gets to have some one-on-one time with some of his two favorite people, and Nelle will have Andrew and I all herself tomorrow and Friday, 
which was the real reason of this little get together for her brother as she has her surgery first thing tomorrow morning. 

I'm so excited for him to have this little adventure with his grandparents, but it is just the oddest feeling watching him drive away with someone else.  
I wonder if that ever changes?  
I mean, am I going to feel a little bit like my arm just drove off with someone else the day he leaves for college?  

His cousins won't be in Manhattan with him like they were this past weekend, 
but somehow I think he and my parents will be the three amigos with all kinds of stories to tell when we meet again.

I'm sure of it.