The Big Pool

24.6.14 Ali Moore 2 Comments

 I need to have Andrew capture Henry jumping into the pool to me from the diving board by himself
so we have proof that our newly turned two-year-old is indeed jumping off the diving board by himself

He has been watching the big kids do it from the start of summer and about a couple of weeks ago kept saying "bump up high?"and pointing at the diving board which really means jump up high so I said okay thinking he would get up there on his own and not want to actually jump
once he realized it does seem pretty high when you're standing there all on your own. 

And as I treaded directly below him, half of me really wanted him to turn around and not jump because he is only two and he should be my baby still and not want to jump like the big kids and half of me really wanted him to be brave and jump and love it and want to do it again.

And he jumped on the count of three, and I caught him, and held him up as high as my arms could stretch
to make sure he was comfortably above water as I kicked and kicked and kicked to the side of the pool so I could come up for breath too. 

He was brave, and he loved it, and he wanted to do it again.

I have a feeling this will always be the case with Henry. 
He may play in the baby pool because it's easier for his mama with Nelle on hip, and he'll have fun, and make his splash (literally). 

But the big pool is where he really wants to be.

Testing boundaries, pushing his limits, always reaching for the next thing.

Be brave, Ham.  And jump high.



  1. Oh sweet Henry!! When did these boys get to be BOYS!?!?? He's so brave and I'm proud of you for letting him grow up :)

  2. He'll be swimming that 100 IM for Rockwood before you know it! :)