thirty-two weeks (one week late)

2.4.12 Ali Moore 4 Comments

Our biggest fundraising event of the year at work completely consumed my life for the past two weeks.  More than that really as I've been working on it since I started at the BGC in November.  But the past weeks have been intense.  I was working longer hours, thinking about it lying awake at night, dreaming about it when I did finally fall asleep, and even Thursday night once it was over last week, I was only thinking about what needed to be done to wrap it up on Friday.  

I'm glad to say, it's behind me and finally out of my head.  At least when I come home.

March was such a jam-packed month for us.  Multiple trips out of town, multiple photo shoots for me when we were in Wichita, and three baby showers in three weeks plus no free time at home means the baby room now looks like this:


We're taking a lot of classes through the Birth Center because, well, we don't really know what we are doing.  Childbirth class, baby care, baby first aid, breastfeeding, a hospital tour, carseat safety and many are multiple classes once a week stretched over several weeks.  Andrew complained last week about going to class...said he was over it.  He won't do that again.

They are highlighting our differences.  In college, I never skipped class.  I just feel better knowing I haven't missed anything, and I'm prepared as can be.  Andrew has always liked the "just getting by method."  To each his own, but since I'm doing the brunt of the work to get this baby out, I win this time.

Moral of the story, we have been burning the midnight oil on both ends, and it's just been a lot, and I'm vowing this week to get back on track.  Our house will be cleaned, the laundry will get done, the grass mowed, pictures edited, groceries will be boughten, meals will be made and then I'm going to start focusing on things that have been on the to-do list for weeks.  Even months.  

Deep cleaning projects.  Finishing the baby's room.  Taking maternity pictures.  More blogging.  Nesting.  Enjoying the rest of our pregnancy.  RELAXING.


Here's the 32 week pics, only one week and one day after we actually took them.  Sheesh.

(Franklin is so inappropriate.) 

It looks like I'm holding the belly up, but that lower hand placement is there for two reasons.

1. It shows off the roundness of the bump.
2. It has been unseasonably warm, and I didn't want to put on the standard leggings for these, and I don't have shorts that fit.  So those are my normal summer shorts, completely unbuttoned and unzipped.  If I don't put my hand there, you can see them flapped open.  Not very attractive.

I would say I'm finally having my first real pregnancy craving.

Chewing ice.

I could do it all day long.  I just like the crunch.  I'm sure my dentist will be thrilled!

At our 32 week appointment, we are still measuring right on track, and the doctor thinks the baby is head down as he/she should be when we deliver.  We actually go back this Friday for our 34 week appointment, and I'm anxious to see if that is still the case.  I am guessing yes.  The baby has been moving and moving and MOVING!  And, I'm pretty sure I'm starting to distinguish foot movements vs. the baby's butt/back vs. hand movements that are super low.

As I'm writing this, we are 33 weeks and two days.  47 days to go until our due date.


Knock on wood, the last weeks continue to be easy.  I'm feeling good, and just want to eat up these last moments of being pregnant.

Famous last words?


Ask me in a month.


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  2. Ali I was so sad I didn't get to see you this weekend! You look ABSOLUTELY amazing!

  3. You look SOOOO good! You are going to be one hot mama!!!

  4. Can you stop looking so cute?! I'm 12 weeks behind you and don't look nearly this good!!!!