And the List Goes On

4.4.12 Ali Moore 1 Comments

This is a big week for us.

We are closing on our house (again) Friday as we refinanced to get a baller interest rate and take our 30-year mortgage to a 15-year note.  Both Andrew and I are very excited about this, but he more so than me, as now he is motivated to get our house paid off ASAP.  Cutting the length in half sure does a lot to your concept of time.  

Speaking of concept of time, let this acknowledge the "holy moly we are running out of it" stage of our pregnancy.  We have our 34-week appointment on Friday.  Six-ish weeks to go if Baby M doesn't make his/her appearance early.  I have been thinking all along that Pat would be late since so many first-timers are, but lately I am really starting to feel like the babe is going to come early.  Something to do with the five and a half weeks of Braxton Hicks contracts I've had already I'm sure.  And probably because I feel like there is so much more still to do.

So, since the craziness of March is over, here's what we've been putting off that's on the "do before the baby comes" list and now need to start tackling:

1. Clean/organize basement
2. Clean/organize linen closet so we can store extra baby things here
3. Clean/organize hall bath to accommodate baby things...this includes hanging towel hooks since we only have one and it's located in the shower.  Weird.
4. Clean/organize shoe closet.  Because it is gross right now.
5. Deep clean our master bath
6. Finish decor in baby's room
7. Clean/organize garage to fit new stroller(s)!
8. Buy life insurance
9. Clean/organize laundry room
10. Clean/organize kitchen cabinets - this will be a doozie.
11. Landscaping in front yard
12. Plant flowers in all outdoor pots
13. Paint exterior of house
14. Wash baby clothes/towels/blankets/etc.
15. Buy a few remaining items off our registry
16. Edit four pending photo shoots and get them back to clients within two weeks max
17. Minimum of five more shoots left before the due date
18. Write and send shower thank you's
19. Add a patio and firepit to our backyard.

That just made me tired.

Going to go enjoy the feeling of the prenatal massage I just had and hope for a bit more of this...
And probably eat some ice cream.

Okay, and definitely eat some ice cream.

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  1. Wowza!!! Why don't you 1) hire a professional cleaner to come help?!?!? You need to RELAX!!! haha. A lot of things that are on your list, are on our's too! (minus the baby stuff... haha). But seriously, you should relax these last few weeks if you can. Or just make Andrew do it all for you ;)