Dropping and Checking and Fitting and Growing

18.4.12 Ali Moore 2 Comments

Our 36 week appointment (yes, 36 WEEKS!) went smoothly today.  Tomorrow, we are one month out from our due date.  What?!  

Even though the box of Girl Scout thin mints I hid in the freezer got the best of me last night (darn those small cookies and not looking at the serving size until after I wolfed down half a sleeve), I'm not puffing or swelling yet and just hit the 20 lb point today.  Cause for celebration?!  

And because I'm afraid I'll get threatening calls if I don't update on this, no dilation, the baby is starting to drop and I'm 50% effaced.

And I think that's the last time I'll talk about my cervix on the world wide web.

Bonus - the baby is measuring right at 35 weeks (I'm 35 and a half) so I can cross #24 off our nesting list.
Our doctor says we're doing just fine size-wise.  Whew!

1. Clean/organize basement
2. Clean/organize linen closet so we can store extra baby things here
3. Clean/organize hall bath to accommodate baby things...this includes hanging towel hooks since we only have one and it's located in the shower.  Weird.
4. Clean/organize shoe closet.  Because it is gross right now.
5. Deep clean our master bath
6. Finish decor in baby's room
7. Clean/organize garage to fit new stroller(s)!
8. Buy life insurance
9. Clean/organize laundry room
10. Clean/organize kitchen cabinets - this will be a doozie.
11. Landscaping in front yard
12. Plant flowers in all outdoor pots
13. Paint exterior of house
14. Wash baby clothes/towels/blankets/etc.
15. Buy a few remaining items off our registry
16. Edit four pending photo shoots and get them back to clients within two weeks max
17. Minimum of five more shoots left before the due date
18. Write and send shower thank you's
19. Add a patio and firepit to our backyard
 20. Clean baseboards
21. Co-host gender reveal party for our friends, Gabe and Angela
22. Hang frames in our bedroom (IKEA purchases from January. JANUARY!)
23. Q2 Business Taxes - blah 
24. Worry about the baby's size. 

Good job Pat!  Keep up the growing!  Just don't over do it.  You need to be able to fit into one of your going home from the hospital outfit(s).


  1. YEAH!!!!!! This is so fun!! I'm so excited for you guys that he/she will be here so soon!! You look great!! :)

  2. So glad to hear everything went well yesterday :)