The Truth

22.4.12 Ali Moore 7 Comments

I'm going to miss being pregnant.

As much as I am getting more and more excited by the day to meet our baby, to know whether we have a son or daughter, name him or her and just revel at what a miracle new life is, I'm going to miss this.  

 Not having to share you.  And keeping you a secret for 15 weeks, just between Andrew and I.  And all of your  kicks and movements.  And speculating about who you will look like and be like.  And smiling when I think about what Franklin will think of you when he meets you for the first time...and you stick around and shake up his little world.  And planning for you.  And worrying for you.  And loving you so, so much.

And all of the smiles strangers give me.  And how every Target or grocery store cashier wants to know about you.  And predicts you are a boy.

And lunch dates with your daddy after our doctor's appointments.  And trying to figure out if the little knobs I feel are your feet or knees. 
And picturing the exact moment when you come into the world and finally being able to hold you.

 And how I felt.  So special to have this experience.  So beautiful. 
So honored that I get to be your mommy and what a gift that is that you are giving me.

Little one, we will meet you soon.

Can't wait.


  1. OMG. You are a HOT MAMA. You looks so good Ali!! I teared up!! And I am not an emotional one.

  2. I remember exactly how you are feeling: it seems like yesterday. I just want to tell you that I am so excited for you both. I had the most beautiful birth experience: I wish you the same. It is the most amazing time of your life....enjoy!

  3. These are FABULOUS pictures, Ali!! I love them and love all your comments. I am still 15 weeks away, but I am already getting mixed feelings about the day that I don't get to feel this little guy inside me and know that I can protect him when he's there!!! Ah - I'm just so excited for you guys and cannot wait!!!!!! You look so amazing too!!!

  4. Gorgeous photos! You're going to be such great parents.

  5. You are simply gorgeous! And you will be even more so as a new mama. : )

  6. Ali, you amaze me! First of all, you are so beautiful! Wow, what incredible photos. Secondly, how you are doing everything you are is unbelievable! You go, girl!
    Thirdly, not only can you express yourself and represent others incredibly through photography but I just love your written words about the last few weeks of pregnancy. I havent been there before, but well said :)

  7. Great photos! You're normally behind the camera so I love that someone captured these for you. Did Andrew take them? :)