17.4.12 Ali Moore 2 Comments

A (disappointing) update on our to-do nesting list.  And yes, it is ours even though Andrew doesn't seem to get the sense of urgency quite like I do yet.

1. Clean/organize basement
2. Clean/organize linen closet so we can store extra baby things here
3. Clean/organize hall bath to accommodate baby things...this includes hanging towel hooks since we only have one and it's located in the shower.  Weird.
4. Clean/organize shoe closet.  Because it is gross right now.
5. Deep clean our master bath
6. Finish decor in baby's room
7. Clean/organize garage to fit new stroller(s)!
8. Buy life insurance
9. Clean/organize laundry room
10. Clean/organize kitchen cabinets - this will be a doozie.
11. Landscaping in front yard
12. Plant flowers in all outdoor pots
13. Paint exterior of house
14. Wash baby clothes/towels/blankets/etc.
15. Buy a few remaining items off our registry
16. Edit four pending photo shoots and get them back to clients within two weeks max
17. Minimum of five more shoots left before the due date
18. Write and send shower thank you's
19. Add a patio and firepit to our backyard
 20. Clean baseboards
21. Co-host gender reveal party for our friends, Gabe and Angela
22. Hang frames in our bedroom (IKEA purchases from January. JANUARY!)
23. Q2 Business Taxes - blah 
24. Worry about the baby's size.

Thanks to the tornado on Saturday and the hour we spent in the basement (minus the part Andrew made me sit under the stairwell with Franklin for a good 10 minutes), we actually got a lot of organizing done while we were down there.  So thank you mother nature for lighting a fire under us.  And thank you to everyone for all of the calls, texts and posts making sure we were okay!  The tornado hit about two miles south of us, and we had no damage.  Whew!  Too close. 

I came home one day over lunch last week and deep cleaned our bathroom.  Oh it was sooo disgusting.  Andrew has been doing a lot of our cleaning since I've been so busy with work (Boys & Girls Club) and work (  Well, he gets the job done with vacuuming and dusting, but I don't think he's cleaned the bathroom in FOREVER.  Boy cleaning and girl cleaning are very different.

Everything in the baby's room is washed and put away!  Hooray!  Now to finish up the decor.  Maybe this weekend?  I feel like this should be a pretty big priority.  Being as we are now 35 and a half weeks.

And, I don't want to jinx it, but I am feeling GOOD.  Sleeping well (just not getting to bed early enough), walking with Franklin every morning, no heartburn, minimal back pain, no swelling or puffiness.  Lucky duck.
Tomorrow is our 36 week appointment.  The beginning of the end.  This initiates weekly appointments from here on out.  

Here we go...