Treasure Trash

26.1.11 Ali Moore 0 Comments

My life is really boring right now.  Too cold for people to want to take pictures.  (And be patient with me in the cold as I try and take pictures.) 

No spend January. 


Not super hard, but I have my eye on several things...including some items from Etsy.  I am not happy with our living room and have been online shopping and pulling ideas from all over the web.  Particularly because our painting from Erica Eriksdotter is finished.  I am stalking each Fedex and UPS truck that drives by every day as I keep thinking today will be the day it shows up.  It's really inspiring me to think outside of what I originally pictured in our living room.  Mainly incorporating blue better, but also stepping it up to the next level.  We need a more defined conversation area.  My curtains are puny.  And, I can't rave enough about the bead board, but man do we need something else to add interest on our walls.  We have a lot of wall space.  I'm thinking of taking everything off of the walls that's currently there and starting fresh.  Sounds amazing.  Mood board time?

We (mainly me) are so bored we have been redoing our basement storage room.  And since there's nothing going on, it's blogworthy.  (That's even questionable...)

To get you up to speed, we have a partial basement - meaning everything under the bedrooms and bathrooms is crawl space, and everything under the living room, kitchen, dining room and family room is basement.  We have two pretty much equally sized rooms - one that's finished, complete with carpet and crown molding (weird, but we'll take it) and one that is just for storage and the important, but ugly stuff in our house - heater, sub pump, etc.

When we were house hunting Andrew had to have a man-cave space.  This could be a man-cave, but it's not really big enough to do anything especially man-worthy.  Big TV and couch, yes, but we already have two living spaces upstairs with TVs.  Not really lacking in that department.  So, at this point, the space is really just an extra space for guests.  

I actually painted back in October.  Completely forgot to take before pictures so just trust me on this one.  The walls used to be white, but it was a horrible yellow-tinged white.  With practically zero-natural light in this space, it was pretty gross.  I am obsessed with the creamy gray we repainted in this space.  So soothing and really makes the molding pop.  

So, as you come down the stairs, you see this...

Which is actually this...

 Which just a week ago looked like this...

Because we tore out all of the hodge-podge shelves in the storage room that used to be in the middle of the room.  Use your imagination.  Andrew = shelves.

But, instead now, they make a nice tidy u-shape on the right side of the storage room.  Like this...

Storage rooms are ugly to look at, but this is much better than what it was.  Especially since all of this is garage sale material and will be out of here by spring.
But back to the fun part of our basement.  Because this will most likely turn into a playroom pending we have kids in this house, we didn't want to spend a ton of money on an extra guest room we probably use less than a handful of times a year.  So, we just used the old platform frame Andrew made for college, added some extra bedding we had and did some dumpster diving for the screen door.  


Our neighborhood has a bi-annual clean up day where they bring in a huge dumpster we can all utilize for extra waste that doesn't fit in our own individual trash cans.  I sent Andrew down in his truck to drop off some stuff and he came back with this screen door.  He said it was just in great condition and shouldn't be thrown away.  Great.  We have no need for a screen door.  But, we also didn't have a headboard so old screen door + purple paint, plus K-State pics = make-shift headboard.  

 And, there you go.  K-State gear has a place in our home.  So glad because Andrew's anniversary present needed a home.  Jake, Frank, Rodney, Jamar and Jordan were tired of being stuck in the closet.

So until things pick up at the Moore house, you'll have to put up with the boring basement.

And, random - if you haven't tried the V8 soups, you are seriously missing out.  All of them.  Multiple servings of vegetables in one carton, very low calorie count, super filling.  Do it.  Buy them.  Enjoy.