Faithful to Our Colors

3.1.11 Ali Moore 2 Comments

As nice as it was to take the easy route and not write out every last detail of our Christmas post here, I do kind of miss not being able to share the weird funny things that happened in our three day Christmas extravanganza. 

Franklin found frozen Taco Bell burritos near the church on the ground by my parents house in Iowa and brought them back to eat them in the front yard one by one, chowing down and then galloping back with another.  I'm so proud.  I'm also glad he digested them instead of exploding everywhere.  TMI?

Quinn told me that Santa and Baby Jesus brought her presents on Christmas morning.  Been watching Talledega Nights, much? 

Andrew put on every piece of clothing he got for Christmas to try them on.  At the same time.  I think at one point he was wearing four shirts.

And maybe not so funny, but pretty awesome - Noel and Hillary have taught Quinn to sing the K-State Fight Song.  The words are there (kind of), but the tune is for sure.  (Make sure you pause the music below before listening to the musical talents of Quinn Johanna.)

Go Cats! 


  1. Oh my gosh...cutest thing I have ever seen. Always good to start 'em young!