Never Before Seen Footage

5.1.11 Ali Moore 3 Comments

Up until this point you've seen very a very limited amount of our bedroom.  Usually something like this.

Or this.

Or this.

You get it.

Well, just for good measure.

Something great happened over my holiday break.

I have had this duvet picked out for a long, long time.  Christmas money - holla. 

I love my bed now.  I love the chunky stripes, love the calm color combo, love that I could incorporate our long and narrow pillows we already have, love the new shams, love, love, love.


We painted our bedroom right before we moved in without any specific vision in mind.  The color is a great neutral, but I'm wondering if it's too similar to the color in our bedding?  Too matchy, matchy maybe.  We threw up four frames on the walls after we claimed our house and that was it.  Major room for improvement.

Here's what I'm working with.  A very small room.  Small like I was squeezing into closets and small corners to get these shots.

Room tour commences:
We have his and hers closets directly across from our bed.  They provide GREAT storage.  For an older house, we have tons of storage.  No need to get all crazy and fill all that up though.  Calm down.  I think this is going to be the year of simplifying.

Each has built in shelving and drawers.  My side.  Not showing you Andrew's.  Don't know if it's decent.

We placed our horizontal dresser and mirror combo across from the hallway entrance.  Yes, I do always try to keep it that clean.  Usually it is.  I hate clutter.

Another view of our east wall.  The chair in the corner is temporary.  It's real home is in our living room at all times minus holiday season since it just doesn't work with the tree.

I have had my eye on this beauty for a long time...

 I love the graphic print and the apple green color.  I pretty much love anything that color.  Including apples, BTW.

But, with the addition of this brand spankin' new table from Home Goods...

...the previous chair I had picked out may not work.  Sadly, I think it will be too wide. 

I'm afraid things may be too crowded.  So chair or no chair?  I'm just really enamored by it.  Plus the dark wood is a seamless fit with our sleigh bed and dresser.  And for that price.  Sigh.  If I do get it, I need to add some additional green in.  Maybe pillows?  Trade out the brown curtains for something lighter?    If I repaint, lighter or darker?  I'm thinking maybe a bit darker to get my bedding to pop.  But if I go lighter I can set up this serene, airy space.  And obviously I've got to work on the walls.  I'm thinking of adding some prints of photos I've taken...maybe do some type of collage.  I could definitely add in some green that way.

Your chance to chime in...

And, that as they say on MTV Cribs, is where the magic happens.  Ew.  My mom reads this blog.  Let's pretend I didn't just type magic.


  1. Yes to the chair! I love the chair! Add some green in via pillows for sure... I don't mind the wall color with the duvet.. but if you think it is too matchy/matchy then change it... but I think it looks good! Love the duvet. Love the picture collage idea. Have you thought about a rug too? That could spice stuff up as well :) Jealous city of your house!

  2. I am totally lovin the chair! And the new bedding! I also don't mind the color of the walls. Although, this could be because we have a similar neutral color scheme in our bedroom and we tried to paint the walls green and add green touches - bad idea! The walls were wretched, and the green pillows looked weird. So I stuck with just neutral and added green elsewhere (art, stems in vases, etc.) But you have that wonderful natural light which we lack. I say lighter if you paint. Big decisions for you! Ok, longest comment ever. Bye!

  3. I love the bedding also! And I think it looks fine with the walls...I would totally try to add color to the curtains....maybe a valance also? Not sure, but it would be cook if you could find a green/brown curtain. I love the room and the chair is amazing!!!