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11.1.11 Ali Moore 1 Comments

There's something different in my office.  And I've been keeping it from you.

We were improvising storage with an old desk squeezed into the closet and our bathroom linen closet from our apartment as a filing cabinet.  It didn't make much sense when we originally did it, but we were trying to work with what we already had.  So we did, but enough is enough.  I know when to throw in the towel.

I placed an online order with and this showed up.

All 95 pounds of it.  Seriously, that's what the tracking had me prepared for.

I tackled a long afternoon of assembly and in the end, with Andrew's help once he got home from work, I had this.  And just for reference, it does matter what side the I and J pieces attach to the drawer.  

Pretty stoked for organization.  But not so fast.  After the file cabinet was complete and in place, I had to transfer everything, and I just can't transfer.  Not without going through everything first.  Every single piece of paper.  And then reorganizing.  And shredding.  And throwing away.

Sometimes, things get worse before they get better.

Like way, way worse.  Like shut the door and don't let anyone look behind it.

But when they get better, they're pretty great.

I'm still holding onto my linen-cabinet turned office storage since it's a great place for random things like stationary, extra supplies, etc.  Plus the white finish just works in the room.  So it got shifted to the left corner, our bill station got bumped from my desk and the printer is finally off of the closet floor.

Pretty great day.

And in other super off-topic news, Franklin has a weird problem.  He has peed on me.  Twice in one week.  We are all cuddled up in the man chair, I get up to go to bed and have a wet spot on my leg.  Nothing huge, so this isn't a full-on pee, more like a tinkle.  Like a mark.  But I don't think he is marking me because he is lying down.  Sleeping.  What the heck.

How does the saying go...?

Pee on me once, shame on you.
Pee on me twice, shame on me.


P.S. Andrew thinks this song "goes" with every blog post.  So I finally succumbed to his influence and you can all be thanking him for the afternoon pick-me-up.  It goes on and on and onnnnnnnnn...

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  1. Love your new cabinet! And that is exactly what my office looks right now as I am also reorganizing... but then I have bridal fair junk everywhere too!! It's awful!!! Your office looks great though! Maybe it will give me motivation to get moving on mine.