Wallpaper. Is. Cool.

5.7.10 Ali Moore 2 Comments

I feel like wallpaper has a really bad connotation.  Even when I think of it the first thing that comes to mind is some horrible floral or 70s color combo you'd find in a needs-to-be updated house on the market that just won't sell.

But, I had this idea stuck in my head for some reason.  That involved wallpaper.

I'm not sure how this idea came to be, and it's very possible that I saw something similar online and stored it away in my subconscious.  Regardless, I'm super happy to have thought of it again.

I mentioned the beginnings of this project a while ago here and here.  Just as a couple of teasers.  And finally weeks later my refurbished credenza is ready to make its debut!

If you remember, I bought this hunk of junk off of Craig's list for $50.  (Seller's picture not mine - gross.)

I had to sand down the legs and prep for painting.

That part of the project was pretty quick.  Once I started putting the wallpaper on though, I was in for a rude awakening.  I didn't really know how to tackle this so things moved REALLY slowly for a while.  Just this side panel took hours.  Blah.

Andrew to the rescue, and he got me back on the right track.

I once again need to give lots of credit to Andrew for all of his handyman work.  He is great for putting up with my crazy ideas.  Just don't ask him about this one.  This was by far his least favorite thing I've had him work on, and he complained A LOT until the very end.

Worth it, but not by much.  :)  But still worth it - I think it's so pretty!

And, personally I think the hardware adds a lot. 

Planning on using this as a dry bar/buffet since it's stuck between our dining room and family room.  Obviously we have lots of decorating to do on this wall. 

So, now that I've played with wallpaper I have lots of other fun ideas for it.  Not sure I'm adventurous enough to put it on my walls yet, but this print is just so pretty and since I do have lots leftover, I feel like I need to make the most of it.  More projects to come?  Maybe.  My "staff" says they need a vacation.  :)


  1. Ali-
    You are seriously my hero when it comes to actually completing the crazy projects "us" women come up with in our heads :). Mine are still floating around yet to be accomplished ;)

  2. Hey! So you need to submit this to young house love. I think they would be obsessed!!!!