Book Club of One

30.6.10 Ali Moore 1 Comments

My book club of one has finished two books since my last post.  Yep, nerd.  :)  And one was actually on my reading list - An American Summer.  It was pretty good; kind of felt like something you might have read in high school since the coming of age theme was pretty prominent.  This memoir travels back to the 50s and really brings to life how times used to be simpler, but yet not.  Definitely not chick lit, but if you like throw backs - i.e., The Sandlot, Now and Then - I think you'll enjoy this, too. 

I also read The Art of Racing in the Rain.

Oh my, so good.  Enzo - THE DOG - narrates the story as he looks back on his happy life.  If you have a dog, I highly recommend it.  Not going to lie, there were a few tears at the end, but they end up being happy tears.  And, you will feel much better about your dog's afterlife.  :)

Happy Reading!

And, just in case you are wondering, I don't hold book club discussions with myself.  At least not out loud. 

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