Summer Reading

17.6.10 Ali Moore 2 Comments

One of my favorite things about summer is all of the reading I get done spending as much time as I can lying by the pool. I'm also looking for new good books to read so if you have any suggestions pass them my way!

So far during the past two weeks I read the following:

Secrets to Happiness, Sarah Dunn

It was okay. I didn't love it by any just had a really cute cover, and that is how I typically pick out my books. Not even going to deny that. The characters were interesting, based in NYC. It wasn't exactly chick lit, but it was fun light reading. And thank goodness it wasn't about vampires. So sick of that nonsense. Sorry Twilight lovers.

The Goodbye Summer, Patricia Gaffney

I picked this up at the library (yes, they do still exist, and I love them!) because it's from the author of The Saving Graces, which is about a group of four women/friends, and it just makes you want to have a girls weekend and be around people that love you. The Goodbye Summer isn't as good unfortunately, but was still a nice quick read. The main character annoyed me. Almost played the victim card, "woe is me" attitude and at times acted like this frail flower. Dumb. You are an adult; act like it.

I just went and got three new books over lunch - hooray! Always picks my day up to grab new reads.

So on my "nightstand" right now:

1. The Pilot's Wife, Anita Shreve - on Oprah's Book Club list so of course that's why I got it.

2. An American Summer, Frank Deford - I love reading anything with the word summer in it right now...

3. Salem Falls - Jodi Piccoult - hello, Jodi Piccoult, need I say more?!

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Another really good thing about summer - The Sandlot! Andrew and I are re-watching it right now. We're just past the part where Squints "drowns" to french Wendy the lifeguard. Oh. My. Gosh. I just love it.

This clip just makes you smile and wish you were 11 years old again.

Also, side note. Our neighborhood pool looks EXACTLY like this pool. And, it feels like the Sandlot every time we go. Please come visit so we can all cannon ball together. Sorry male readers (are there any of you out there?) - the lifeguards will not be lotioning, oiling, oiling and lotioning... :)


  1. I think the official term is "Twihards," Ali :) I just finished the best book ever, recommended by Ginny Ellis…it's called "Belong to Me" by Marisa de Los Santos. SO good…you have to read it!!!

  2. Haha, good Twilight correction. And, thanks for the book reco - I'm adding it to my list!