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1.6.10 Ali Moore 3 Comments

We decided to make the most out of one of the few weekends we have at home over the next couple of months (hello wedding season!), especially since I had both Friday and Monday off for Memorial Day weekend. So, among the normal weekend to do's like laundry, cleaning house, etc. we planned to tackle a few home reno projects. Nothing major, but really more fun deco jobs.
So here we go:

#1 - Our couch came on Thursday for our family room! So, so excited. We finally have furniture in this room, and it just feels so warm and cozy now. I am on the search for the right rug, but things are already coming together.We moved the coffee table from our living room... add more storage since there won't be room on either side of the couch for end tables as the couch is centered between two walls with just the right amount of walking room along the arms. Don't ask where Andrew wanted to put the think he would just trust my decorating judgment by now. :)

So, now we're on the lookout for a new ottoman to put in the living room. Probably leather with storage. We actually wanted to look yesterday, but who knew all of the furniture stores were closed? Boo.

#2 - Our mantle is decorated! I shot this picture in DC and just loved the lighting. I knew I wanted to put it somewhere in our house so I could enjoy it everyday, and I think it looks great here. I went to Hobby Lobby on Friday and hit the motherload. Everything I was looking for was discounted. It felt like my purchases really were meant to be. And, like my Aunt Jan always says, "You're losing money if you don't buy something that's on sale." :) So, I found this white frame (on sale) and got a custom matte made (on sale). So pretty. Again, Andrew is questioning my decisions...wondering why there is so much white space...shhhh.

#3 - I have been meaning to update my vase on our entryway table with more seasonal foliage. I love what we had for fall... ...but let's get moving into summer (oops, skipped winter and spring - maybe next year). And all of my new springs were - shocker - ON SALE!

#4 - Andrew made me this bench and stool for our two-year anniversary...yep, a long time ago. Isn't he so handy?!We love the seating it provides in our backyard, but wanted to give it a fresh look. So, we spent a lot of our weekend spray painting. So much that my arm is sore from spraying. Yikes. The issue was we didn't buy enough paint the first time. So, we went back on Sunday and they were out of our color! Had to start over...went from wildflower blue to red. Oh, and did I mention we also bought two Adirondack chairs that needed to be finished?
These are an awesome find. You should all RUN to Home Depot for your own set. Seriously, they are so cute and only $30/chair. Yes, there is some assembly required and you either have to stain or paint them, but hello. World Market has them assembled and painted for $100. Put a little elbow grease in and it's well worth the effort. And, doesn't this look like fun?
So much in fact Franklin wanted in on the action.
Hunting for outdoor cushions/pillows to tie the red and aqua together, but you have to admit they are BRIGHT and cheery all on their own. They are just begging for some BBQ attention. And, I think these Adirondack's are going to be great once we get our fire pit built...someday.
#5 - This is something I'm sure you guys have seen over and over again, but it is just such a great way to add color and texture to walls. Again, something that's been on my list for a while, but I finally had the time to get it done! And, here we go again, all of my materials were on sale at Hobby Lobby. Sigh.
After using my upholstery staple gun on six canvases. I'm sure my sister finds my covering perfectly good white painter's canvases completely absurd, but to each his own, right?

And, finally on our wall!So happy to have something interesting to look at on this wall that has been bare for so long. I'm not thrilled with my stripes (they stretch funny), but I'm content with this for now.

So, there you go. Our weekend in a nutshell. Throw in a couple of trips to the pool, a bit of grilling, and you know exactly what we've been up to over the past four days.

Aren't long summer weekends the best?


  1. I love the flower picture! Looks great in that white frame :)

  2. I Love those Aqua chairs and red bench! So cute!

  3. Ali, holy cow!!! With Andrew's handiness and your decorating sense, you guys are ridiculous! This is SO good! I love the picture too! :) I would also like to see this in person...