Miller Time!

21.6.10 Ali Moore 1 Comments

Andrew and I drove back to Hiawatha this past weekend for the Kelly Maze/Ryan Miller wedding.  Finally - MILLER TIME!  :)

We stayed at Hillary and Noel's and had a good time seeing our nieces.  Quinn is all about baby Brynnan.  So cute.
But on to the main event.  Kelly and Ryan had their late afternoon wedding at a church in Falls City, Nebraska and then the reception was to be at Kelly's parents house.  It is CRAZY how lucky Kelly was on her wedding day.  The worst storm of the year ripped through Hiawatha earlier in the morning and left a lot of damage - entire trees were snapped over, roofs blew off, etc.  What else can you expect from 80+ mile hour winds?  It seriously looked like a tornado had hit.  Fortunately for Kelly, her parents live about 20 miles north of Hiawatha and the storm stayed five miles south.  So, the huge tent they rented didn't end up flying away.  Close call!
It was so pretty being outside and even though they had to cut the reception short since another storm was looming in the distance I know they had a great time.  So happy for Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Miller!  

Here are a few shots from the day...tried new things with my flash when it got dark...still have lots to learn...

Oltjen family Christmas card picture??

Great pic of Katie, her mom Nancy and the bride:
Tried to get a group of the Hiawatha girls...took two times to round everyone up, but we did it!  Great party!

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  1. Ali you are such an amazing photographer seriously you need to turn this hobby into a job and make some money!! I love looking at your picture especially the ones of Frank, but he is extremely photogenic so he's an easy subject to shoot!