Not a very exciting post...

14.7.10 Ali Moore 0 Comments

I'm behind on posting, and this one is a disappointment.  No home reno jobs to report on.  Although we did do an impromptu paint job on our guest bath this past weekend - more on that to come! 

We had a very slow, laid back weekend.  Which was great because our next three weekends are busy with weddings, house guests and family visiting.  Let's hope we make it to August!

Anyhow, we had good intentions of taking Franklin to Bark in the Park, dog's day at the Wichita Wingnuts baseball stadium, but it was just so stinking hot on Sunday.

After getting home from the pool, we decided Franklin would get way too overheated if we went to the 5pm game on Sunday afternoon so instead we decided to stay at home and play in his pool with him.  He LOVES it.  He loves running and jumping in it, lying in it, trying to catch the water out of the hose, etc.  So entertaining.  

Capped off the weekend in the best way possible.  Cold beer on our back patio.  I love summer.  :)