Reading Is Fun!

28.7.10 Ali Moore 0 Comments

Just an update on one of my favorite summer hobbies.

Since my book club last met (attendance: one), I've finished The Pilot's Wife and threw a spontaneous loan from a neighbor in, as well - Chasing Harry Winston.

The Pilot's Wife did not fail to disappoint.  I mean come on, it was on Oprah's Book Club list.  A pilot dies in a plain crash on one of his routine flights.  His wife is bombarded with secret after secret revealing itself after his death.  Sound familiar?  I'm pretty sure this has been made into a Lifetime movie.  So you know it hast to be good.

My scotch-loving neighbor down the street loaned me here copy of Chasing Harry Winston for a fun chick-lit read.  It's from the same author who wrote The Devil Wears Prada.  It was really cute and read pretty quickly.  Three friends in NYC vow to change their lives in one year - mostly their relationships with men.  The Devil Wears Prada is better, but not a bad find regardless.

I'm just a quarter of the way into Salem Falls, but already hooked!

Happy Reading!