What a Trip!

5.4.10 Ali Moore 2 Comments

Andrew and I got back Sunday evening from an awesome vacation to visit the Dawson's! Seriously, probably the most fun string of five days in a long time. And informational. Between Andrew and Lauren, I got a great history refresher. They got to hang out with me as I tried to figure out my new camera. And, now you all get to bear with me through the pictures below. :)

On Wednesday afternoon after arriving in DC, Andrew, Lauren and I walked around Old Town Alexandria. What a beautiful area! So many charming row houses, lots of history just around the corner and pretty blooms all over the place. Lucky us!
Thursday we planned a full day in DC beginning with Andrew's first train/subway ride!
Next up on the agenda:
Washington Monument
Lincoln Memorial
WWII Memorial
Vietnam Memorial
Smithsonian - American History
Hot dogs from a street vendor
White House
We had intended to stay in the city all day, but by the time we got our hot dogs our own dogs were pooped! Definitely needed a break, and the weather was perfect to hang out for a bit.
Afterwards, we took the train back to Chris and Lauren's apartment to grab a few drinks before heading back into DC for dinner. We ate at Old Ebbitt's Grill - a historical restaurant right by the White House where lots of historical figures frequented for drinks.
And, isn't the White House even more stately at night. Even from the back. Which used to be the front. There's today's history lesson for you.
And, hello. You know we can't turn down a photo opp like this.
There was somewhat of a scuffle on the subway ride home where I overheard that I might get slapped, but that's another story.

Day 3:

Arlington National Cemetery
And then we decided on late afternoon/early evening drinks, which turned into more drinks and dinner at O'Connels in Alexandria, Old Town. A lot of great conversation, good food and even better company!
Next stop - Philly! And obviously, as we arrived at lunch time and had to get a Philly Cheesesteak! Yum - my first ever. And, Bon Jovi ate here so of course I am interested.
What's a vacation without an impromptu K-S-U? :)
Throughout the day, we toured Powell House, who were the city's entertainers and hosted George and Martha Washington for their 20th wedding anniversary, Benjamin Franklin's grave, the Liberty Bell, Betsy Ross' house, the first bank of the U.S. the "Rocky Steps", etc. And, yes I made Andrew run up them. Duh.
Philly has lots of beautiful Cherry Blossoms like DC, too!
We had a very entertaining dinner on Saturday night that included a GoldenDoodle and a homeless man, and wrapped up the weekend with breakfast on Easter morning on South Street. My vacation buzz is already fading, and we can't wait to come visit again!


  1. Ali, some of those pictures are awesome! Great job with the new camera. The cherry blossom's in Boston should be in full-bloom over the next few weeks... so can't wait to check them out. Looks like a blast! Your pics are soooo clear, though. The camera makes all the difference.

  2. Thanks again for coming all the way our here to visit us. We had a blast :)