Fireplace Entry #501827340182374

5.4.10 Ali Moore 0 Comments

Yep, still working on our fireplace! Ugh, so ready to be done, but I really feel like we are in the home stretch. Andrew says I think this because I am not able to help as I don't have as good as carpentry DIY skills as him so my work is done, but whatev.

So, the ugly stone ledges are out of our brick wall. Hooray!
And, Andrew has replaced each ledge with two bricks and mortared them securely in place. I am very, very impressed by how well this portion of the project has turned out.
At this time, we are ordering our floating mantle and once it's arrived and installed, we'll move onto the. last. part. of. this. project. YES - building the more appropriate built-in cabinet.

Another fun part about this project. We can finally buy furniture for this room. Many thanks to Brittany and Jimmy, as we are using their wedding as a good excuse to stop in at Nebraska Furniture Mart in Kansas City to make our purchases. I can't wait! This room has been empty in our house for almost nine months, people. It's time. :)